Surprise your friends and family with this historical and elegant three-bedroom suite. Each bedroom is one-of-a-kind, embellished with frescoes and historical decorations, including original 18th-century wallpaper and a high-ceiling frescoed corridor. This suite includes several lounge areas and a spacious dining room up to six people, ideal for a meeting or a family gathering.
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  • Hotel suite with elaborate wall paper and fresco ceiling
  • Hotel room with elaborate floral wall paper and fresco ceiling
  • Bedroom with floral wall paper, gilded headboard and green silk bedding


  • ベッド

    キングサイズ3台, ロールアウェイベッド2台+ベビーベッド1台

  • 収容人数


  • 広さ

    • 372 ㎡(4,004 sq.ft.)
    • パラッツォ・デッラ・ゲラルデスカ
  • バスルーム


  • 眺め


  • 特徴

    • 歴史あるフレスコ画、高い天井
    • 広々としたリビング&ダイニングエリア
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