Relax and recharge with our in-house and visiting wellness experts through events and our daily offerings, allowing you to have the opportunity to explore new health frontiers.
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Apart from these programs, you can also book private, couple’s, semi-private and group sessions for meditation, gong baths, singing bowl therapy and yoga, and schedule one-on-one treatments for Cranial Sacral Therapy and Kinesiology. Sessions are available as singles and in bundles.

Meditation and Consultation

A smiling Resident healer Dr. Tania Bardhan standing at the pool

Dr. Tania Bardhan

Resident Healer
Tania is a qualified homeopath, acupuncturist and reiki therapist with more than 20 years of wellness experience in yoga, Ayurveda and meditation. She loves to help guests achieve more balance, clear focus and better sleep, as well as manage anxiety using breath work drawn from Pranayama and meditative techniques such as yoga nidra and chakra meditation. She also weaves in wellness consultations on diet and lifestyle to achieve maximum results.

Personalized meditation
Sleep Consultation and Meditation
60 Minutes HKD 1,780
When we talk about wellness, sleep is paramount. Dr. Bardhan’s one-hour sleep consultation starts with understanding your sleep pattern and behaviour, offering solutions to improve sleep time. She will also guide you in a session on Yoga Nidra, going into a conscious state between sleeping and waking that is intended to induce physical, mental and emotional relaxation.
Chakra Balancing Meditation
60 Minutes HKD 1,780
Chakras are vortices of energy located at various areas of the body. During Dr. Bardhan’s guided chakra meditation, you will focus and meditate on each of the seven chakras, using tools like colour visualizations and powerful sounds and mantras which are known to balance, unblock and optimize the functions of the chakras. These meditations offer multiple benefits in addition to the feeling of well-being, increased focus and clarity of thought. They help and support to understand the energetic link between that area and one’s own chakras.

Sound Meditation

A smiling resident healer Cheryl Rodriguez poses outdoors, downtown Hong Kong looming behind her

Cheryl Rodriguez

Resident Healer
Allow sound to surround and ground you. Calm your mind from the hectic urban lifestyle with harmonic vibrations by sound healer Cheryl Rodriguez. An expert in soothing the senses with gongs, Cheryl’s “music” promotes a deeper meditative state, stillness of the mind, balancing of the chakras and relaxation of the body in her session of sound meditation.
Gong Bath
60 Minutes HKD 2,200
This unique experience helps you achieve a restorative, peaceful state through beautiful sounds and vibrations that come from gongs. Vibrations restore the normal frequencies of our out-of-harmony parts of the body, mind and soul. It alleviates stress and leads us to deeper relaxation.

Cranial Sacral Therapy

A smiling resident healer In?s De Beer poses by the outdoor pool

Inès De Beer

Resident Healer
Inès De Beer has been in Hong Kong for more than 20 years and was one of the first osteopaths in the city. Aside from treating many musculoskeletal ailments, Inès has extensive experience in providing cranial osteopathy to relieve a variety of symptoms such as headaches, stress-related symptoms, sleep disorders and neck tensions.
Cranial Sacral Therapy
45 Minutes HKD 1,800
This is a soft manual treatment using gentle pressure on the head, neck and back to relieve the stress and pain caused by compression in the fascia and connective tissues. It can help treat a number of conditions caused by tensions and strains in the body.


Kinesiologist Benedicte Caudron, seated and smiling

Benedicte Caudron

Resident Healer
Benedicte Caudron is a kinesiology practitioner. She has worked with many to release stresses, anxieties and traumas that have an impact on the physiological and emotional systems, including digestive issues, hormone imbalances, insomnia and fatigue.
45 Minutes HKD 1,800
A non-invasive powerful healing technique that combines an eastern energetic healing approach to health with the knowledge of anatomy and physiology sciences. The aim is to localize stresses that create imbalances and remove blockages in the body to achieve a balanced state. It also aids to allow your body to naturally maintain optimal health.

Movement Medicine

Resident healer Andrew Cox standing in front of the outdoor pool surrounded by potted plants

Andrew Cox

Resident Healer
Andrew is a trainer, lifestyle coach and educator in health, fitness and high performance. His focus is leading a charge towards proactive health and sustainable higher levels of vitality and performance. He works comprehensively with individuals, teams and corporations on these areas and has been doing so in the Asia pacific regions for well over a decade. He is the Co-Founder and Director of Joint Dynamics Ltd, and a contributor to publications internationally in his area of expertise.
Movement Medicine
Contact Spa for price and duration
This clinically designed group exercise class has the goal of bringing freedom of movement into your joints, lengthening and strengthening muscles to enhance posture and athleticism, and simple yet effective breathing exercises to bring energy and vitality to mind, body and spirit.


Resident healer Gianni Melwani sits crosslegged at the edge of a pool, downtown Hong Kong looming in the background

Gianni Melwani

Resident Healer
Gianni finds fulfillment in seeing others tap in to their potential. To him, real yoga begins off the mat. Gianni is the co-founder of boutique wellness studio, Ikigai, and director of BKR Group, an entrepreneurial business and investment firm. He also co-founded Hybrid Group, creating Iris: Your Escape festival, the largest health and wellness festival in Hong Kong, with more than 4,000 participants.
A smiling resident healer Aymeric Vollant sitting on a stone wall

Aymeric Vollant

Resident Healer
Aymeric is a French entrepreneur and DJ who has been based in Hong Kong since 2014. He focuses on offering one-of-a-kind experiences to the local community. Aymeric is passionate about music, events and people. The last few years have led him to start new projects that have a positive impact on society and people’s lives, including the bespoke wellness studio IKIGAI and the Hong Kong branch of the international Solar Sound System network.

IKIGAI Classes

  • Ashtanga Yoga
  • Hatha Yoga
  • Yin Yoga
  • Core Yoga
  • Detox Flow
  • Hip- and back-opening Yoga
  • Neck and Back Care
  • Prenatal Yoga
  • Postnatal Yoga
  • Yoga for Kids
  • Yoga for Teens
  • Immersive Sound Healing

Class Pricing


  • 60 minutes – HKD 1,500


  • 60 minutes – HKD 1,800

Semi-private (up to four participants)

  • 60 minutes – HKD 2,500

Transformative Bodywork

Richard Girolami

Richard Girolami

Resident Healer
Richard holds a degree in exercise physiology and a master’s degree in traditional Chinese medicine. In addition to his academic accomplishments, he studied various forms of bodywork, energy work, and movement, including Anatomy Trains (ATSI) and Zentherapy®.
Transformative Bodywork
90 minutes HKG 2,980
Transformative Bodywork is a careful combination blending a modern science-informed view of the human body with traditional Chinese medicine’s energetic view of flowing life force. It incorporates somatic, myofascial, mindfulness, energy practices and breathing work. These elements work together to bring the body and mind towards a state of profound balance, creating a heightened sense of well-being.
Ella Tham, Tai chi resident healer at Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong

Ella Tham

Resident Healer
Drawing upon the Eastern roots of Chinese Physiotherapy, including Tai Chi and QiGong, Ella Tham guides individuals in rejuvenating their bodies, alleviating pain, and regaining balance and flexibility through the practice of physical and mental relaxation. She is the founder of the charity organization I’M a Smiley and is a qualified TCM Chinese Physiotherapist.
Private Office Therapy
60 minutes HKD 1,980
Couples Office Therapy
60 minutes HKD 2,980
Private TaiQi Qigong Therapy (Level 1–3)
90 minutes HKD 1,980
Private TaiQi Qigong Therapy (Level 4–6)
90 minutes HKD 3,180
Private Thai Yoga Therapy
60 minutes HKD 1,980
Couples Thai Yoga Therapy
90 minutes HKD 3,680
Private Spinal Exercise Therapy
60 minutes HKD 1,980
Couples Spinal Exercise Therapy
60 minutes HKD 3,180
Semi-private Office Therapy for up to 3–4 people
60 minutes HKD 1,080 per person
Semi-private TaiQi Qigong Therapy for up to 3–4 people
60 minutes HKD 1,080 per person
Semi-private Spinal Exercise Therapy for up to 3–4 people
60 minutes HKD 1,080 per person

For group classes, please contact the Spa directly.