The couple

In 2013, Alessandro and Francesca found themselves dancing with one another in a Florence club.

“We made eye contact,” Alessandro says. “And it was love at first sight. Fate brought us together.”

Two years later, during a surprise trip to Paris, Alessandro proposed to Francesca under one of the most romantic locations in the world – the Eiffel Tower.

Why Four Seasons

The couple chose Four Seasons Florence for its stunning spaces and elegant décor. They knew that the staff at the Hotel would provide impeccable attention to detail and cater to their every need during the planning process.

“This wonderful place transmits a unique historical and artistic value from every angle, communicating the importance of a past experience that still belongs to us and represents us,” said Francesca.

The Wedding

The couple decided on a glamorous 1920s theme, inspired by The Great Gatsby. Married in the Gherardesca ballroom, the theme brought the couple’s personalities to life – “We wanted to reproduce the atmosphere that reigned over the festive nights of those years."

A Florentine designer, custom designed Francesca's gown for the ceremony, while she changed into a Valentino design for the reception.

Her veil was paired with a delicately embroidered headpiece, a nod to the Gatsby theme.

Alessandro was in awe as he saw Francesca floating down the aisle. The couple notes it as the most memorable wedding moment: “It was an extremely moving moment, an image of pure romance.”

Guests enjoyed the chef's signature dish in the elegant space, a Cavatelli pasta Cacio e Pepe with red prawns and marinated calamari– voted 2013 Dish of the Year by Italian restaurant guide Guida Ristoranti Espresso.

As a takeaway, the couple gave each guest an ornamental box filled with sugared treats, from the best Florentine confetteria, a unique shop selling specialty gifts for events.

After the wedding in Florence, they ventured to Formentera, a small island in Spain, for their honeymoon. They enjoyed the beaches and sea of Formentera, as well as romantic dinners at places like Can Dani, a Michelin-starred restaurant. The couple now lives in Florence, looking back fondly on the memories of their wedding at Four Seasons.


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