Day 1 – Florence all around

  • Welcome to your Florentine home – the luxurious Four Seasons Hotel Firenze. Settle down in this jewel of the Renaissance and enjoy a first stroll through the beautiful grounds of the hotel. Whether you are based in the Palazzo or the beautiful Villa premises, you have exclusive access to the biggest private garden in town – a true oasis of tranquillity in the heart of Florence.
  • It is time to enjoy after your journey – whether it was a short or a long one! Fancy a delicious bite or drink? The ideal place to start is the Atrium Bar & Lounge or the Pool Tree Bar, open in summer and adjacent to the swimming pool and Spa under a magnificent tree.
  • You are met by a guide speaking your language who you will join for your private guided tour through the city. The walk will lead you to the main highlights of this enchanting city, such as Piazza della Signoria, il Duomo and Ponte Vecchio with its world-famous jewellery boutiques. You will be well-equipped with the Firenze Card, a special pass that will allow you to enter once more than seventy museums, churches and villas with no long queues. Amongst others, today this special card gives you access to the Uffizi and Accademia museums. Who could better greet you outside the hotel than the grand David by Michelangelo?
  • Now you already have a very good overview of the city centre and great first impressions of Firenze. Enjoy your retreat at the Hotel and get ready for a typical Florentine dinner experience – whether you enjoy traditional or modern, the Concierges give you just the recommendation you are looking for!

Day 2 – Discovering the Chianti region

  • You were maybe wondering, where some of these pleasant wines came from during yesterday’s dinner? Exactly, it is not far away at all! Florence is also on the outskirts of the famous Chianti region with its rolling hills, vineyards and characteristic villages. Take your time for a delicious breakfast at the hotel and start at around 10:00AM with a professional private driver heading south of the city.
  • A seemingly swift drive leads you from one hill to the other, passing by olive groves, cypresses and vineyards. You are able to see some of the small Tuscan towns as you imagined them to be.
  • You visit one of the family farms where you meet dedicated people living for their passion: Excellent food and wines. After a tour through the winery, don’t miss to taste some of their own produce, whether it is olive oil, the famous Pecorino cheese and – of course – the wines. Their tastes are further enhanced by the view to the scenic countryside.
  • Your drive continues at your desired time and you pass by San Gimignano a small village which roots back to the 3rd century BC and the Etruscans. Some call it the Manhattan of Tuscany, because of its numerous towers: While in other cities, such as Bologna or Florence, most or all of their towers have been brought down in the course of the history, San Gimignano has managed to conserve fourteen towers of varying height which have become its international symbol.
  • You arrive back at the hotel in the afternoon where the hotel Spa already awaits you. Explore this oasis in the tranquillity of the Gherardesca gardens. Following the theme of your programme today, out of the many relaxing treatments you may, for example, choose the Chianti massage that awakens your senses with the aroma of grapes.
  • Enjoy our outdoor pool, whirlpool, steam room and relaxation lounge to enhance your Spa experience.
  • Our team of Il Palagio restaurant, located on the ground floor of the Palazzo della Gherardesca, look forward to welcoming you this evening. It is awarded with one Michelin star, features vaulted ceiling as well as lovely views of the gardens. A seasonal menu features regional cuisine prepared with a contemporary twist, accompanied by exceptional Italian wines.
  • Let the day unwind with some of the best cocktails in town at the Atrium Bar and enjoy the soothing tone of the live piano.

Day 3 – Food & Luxury shopping

  • Today Florence would like to present itself to you from a different angle! You have certainly already noticed why this city is world-famous for its beauty, art and culinary scene. It is, however, also a leader in fashion and… shopping! In no other city of this size you may enjoy such a high quality of shops – from luxury brands to local artisans – all in convenient walking distance.
  • Start the morning with a light breakfast at the hotel. The next stop is the lively area of Sant’Ambrogio with its food market. Listen to market criers and enjoy the atmosphere of this typical Italian market. From there you are already close-by to the famous leather school “Scuola del Cuoio” and after the market it suddenly becomes more quiet when watching these artisans working on leather. The leather school is located at the back of the great Santa Croce church where, amongst others, Michelangelo, Galileo Galilei or Macchiavelli are buried. Your Firenze Card will give you immediate access to this historical church. Further continuing your tour through the city you will explore how crafting has been passed over the centuries from family to family and is still present on almost every street in the city centre. The Concierges are happy to assist you in suggesting places to find decorative items, statues, antiques and much more!
  • Don’t forget to also explore Via de’Tornabuoni and Via Strozzi being the main addresses of high-end Italian designers. You will also find the Salvatore Ferragamo museum in this area, a shoe collector’s heaven with more than 10.000 pairs in the archives.
  • You will certainly not oversee the culinary part of the city and lunchtime! The Concierge is more than happy to assist you in making reservations in advance. You may also consider heading over to another famous food market: Mercato Centrale. Upstairs on the first floor you will find a gourmet food court with individual stalls or sections, each dedicated to an Italian specialty – starting from home-made pasta to wood-fired pizza and much more!
  • After many new impressions (and maybe the one or other shopping bag) you are most probably happy to come back to the hotel. Sun loungers next to the pool await you!
  • The evening is dedicated to a delicious farewell dinner. The Concierge is again full of ideas for making this a special evening: From greeting Florence from one of the restaurants on the surrounding hills with spectacular views to osterie, trattorie or restaurants in town. You are well taken care of in any case!

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