Four Seasons Hotel


Riverside Elegance in Europe’s Golden City
Veleslavínova 2a/1098, 110 00 Praha 1, Czech Republic

There’s a certain magic in the air here that flows effortlessly through Old Town Square, onto Charles Bridge, over the Vltava and all the way up the tallest spires of Prague Castle – and that’s just what you can see from Four Seasons Hotel Prague. Centuries of wonder fill our walls, letting you trace the history of the city from the Baroque era to the neoclassical to modern day. When you stay with us, you open the door to a vibrant and unexpected experience that mirrors the city itself.


  • Premier Room bed, desk, chair, cream-and-gold Old European decor, long curtains, crystal chandelier
    Premier River Room

    Whether you’re looking for Old European charm or your style leans more modern, these rooms come in two design options, but the beautiful views over the Vltava remain the same.

  • River Suite with two blue armchairs in front of glass coffee table, sofa, floor-to-ceiling windows with Vltava River view
    River Suite

    With windows facing both west and south, you can wake up to views of Charles Bridge, then watch the sun set over Prague Castle from your living room.

  • Premier Suite living room, glass coffee table with open book, round glass vase with white roses, tea service
    Premier Suite

    Our two Premier Suites – one contemporary, one neoclassical – provide ample space for hosting private parties and large family vacations.

  • Presidential Suite with red satin sofas, red-and-gold armchairs, large black coffee table with books, flowers
    Presidential Suite

    Secluded on the second level of our 18th-century Baroque Building, our largest suite boasts dramatic, red-and-gold décor and a bedside view of Charles Bridge that will make you feel as though you can reach out and touch it.

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  • Brunch table with dishes with fresh fruit, toasted bagels, juice, coffee, in front of window looking out at Vltava River
Beneath the Surface

Ancient bathing rituals come to life


Experience centuries-old healing traditions mixed with modern technologies in one of Ava Spa's five treatment rooms, all set in a historic neoclassical building overlooking Prague Castle.

  • Blue indoor swimming pool with deck, blue cushioned pool chairs, sunny windows
  • Two spa beds with white sheets, blue pillows, rolled white towels in front of sunny windows with shutters

Unwind and relax as you sink into the healing waters of our exclusive, Czech-inspired, traditional mineral baths, enhanced with essential oils and flower petals.

Anna Larina Spa Manager

Prague by Four Seasons

Every day I stand in the lobby and admire the gorgeous views of Prague Castle and the Vltava River. I never get bored by this fairy-tale view.

Dunja Panicova Executive Assistant