Four Seasons Residence Club Punta Mita, Mexico Ownership

Fractional Ownership

An attractive method of vacation home ownership, fractional ownership has become increasingly popular in the luxury market. Ideal for busy professionals and families looking to maximize their vacation time, fractional ownership is attracting individuals who want to own exclusive properties of the highest quality and service, while paying only for the time they plan to use.

Fractional ownership gives you the full enjoyment and satisfaction of owning an elegant vacation home – without many of the hassles and responsibilities of maintenance and upkeep associated with owning a full-time vacation home. As an owner, you can transfer or sell your interest as you would with real estate ownership.

With only 12 interests sold in each villa, each owner at Four Seasons Residence Club Punta Mita has greater flexibility and options when requesting their vacation dates each year. You enjoy easy access, year after year, to a beautifully designed and impeccably maintained ocean-view villa, enhanced by uncompromising Four Seasons service. You also enjoy exchange privileges, providing access to other Four Seasons Residence Club locations.