Four Seasons Private Apartments Beijing Location and Transportation

The Embassy Zone 
Four Seasons Private Apartments Beijing is located within the CBD (Central Business District), Yansha and Lidu business districts that neighbor the second and third embassy zones, covering Beijing’s most developed area. Beijing is home to nearly 3,000 foreign companies, 200 international news agencies and more than 100 Top 500 global organizations. From high-end shopping to world cuisines, Beijing captures an international atmosphere and standard of living that can only be found in few cities around the world.

The Chaoyang Park 
Private apartments enjoy views of verdant Chaoyang Park to the east. Covering a total area of 320 kilometres, and a water surface area of 680,000 square metres , it is Asia’s largest municipal park and is Beijing’s “green heart.”

The Liangma River 
Flowing next to Four Seasons Private Apartments Beijing like a jade ribbon is the Liangma River. One of Beijing’s most famous rivers, it joins Kunming Lake at the Summer Palace with the Northern Lake at Chaoyang Park. Tourists can sail along its waters and enjoy a pleasant trip along the Golden River Channel.

The residences are located between the East Third Ring Road, airport expressway and the East Fourth Ring Road, forming a convenient traffic network with several major trunk roads, extending from the urban district to Eastern Beijing.