From museums and mosques to opera houses and culture centers, Cairo is a cosmopolitan of art, architecture, and cultural activities.

Home to the world’s most extensive collection of ancient Egyptian antiquities, the two-storey Egyptian Museum features an incredible 160,000 objects on display. The museum’s 107 halls are filled with artefacts spanning the last 5,000 years, with a primary focus on the Pharaonic era. Find the most significant showpieces in the Tutankhamen collection and the display of the reign of monotheistic pharaoh Akhenaten.


Venture into the desert for a night like no other. Beneath a canopy of stars, you’ll see the Pyramids of Giza come alive during a private showing of a spectacular Sound and Light Show display that explores the history and mystery of the ancient Egyptian empire. As the stone monuments are illuminated, a voice booms through the night, unfolding breathtaking legends of the majestic Sphinx. The stories of Khufu’s Great Pyramid, Khafre’s pyramid, Menkaure’s pyramid and the altars that surround them, will take you back in time on a journey through the marvellous mysteries of the Pharaohs.

Go a step further and enjoy an hour of serenity within the desert on horseback or camelback. Climb on board the vessels of the desert and let one of the expert tour guides in the area take you around the base areas, where you will discover a whole new angle of the great pyramids.

Few places in the world can match the energy of a bustling souk. Investigate the shops at Khan El Khalili bazaar to uncover an excellent variety of leather goods, embroidered clothing and hand-carved woodwork. Make sure to pay a visit to El Sagha for gold and silver jewellery.


Cairo Opera House

Arts and culture enthusiasts should visit the Cairo Opera House. Inaugurated in 1988, the house hosts various arts performances by both local and international artists, bringing a different collection of visuals each month. From contemporary dance companies to religious hymns and blind orchestras, the Cairo Opera house is the epitome of a cultural experience.

As the tallest structure in Egypt and North Africa and as the fourth tallest building in the world, Cairo Tower is a must-see landmark along the banks of the Nile. Venture to the top, where views of Cairo are simply astonishing. End your panoramic adventure with dinner in the brilliant revolving restaurant at the top, where food and views of the entire city will be forever engraved in your memory.


The Citadel of Salahuddin was previously marked the center of old Cairo, when Salahuddin set out to surround Cairo and Fustat with a wall in order to increase protection and fortify against crusader attacks. Its prime location on the hills of Mokattam in the heart of the city offers breathtaking views and a light breeze all year round. Ask about the Well of the Spiral – built by Salahuddin in order to provide water. Its entrance consisted of 300 stairs that wound around the inside of the well. Once water was raised from the well to the surface, it traveled to the Citadel on a series of aqueducts, all of which still exist.

A felucca is the traditional wooden sailing boat used by fishermen in Egypt. The boat will carry you on a smooth sail across the calm waters of the river so you can enjoy the river’s symphony up close. Sip on Bedouin style tea with mint and watch as some of Cairo’s most remarkable riverside landmarks become your backdrop– such a simple experience with such huge impact.

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