• Woman smiles, lies on massage table as hands massage bare shoulders
Immerse yourself in age old Thai traditional herbal formulas from Sudtana, coupled and complemented with uniquely modern Thai treatments. A natural solution for the fast-paced urbanite, this holistic ritual begins with a herbal steam to open and stimulate your internal systems, followed by a signature wet/dry/wet herbal scrub and mask infused with organic healing herbs. As the mask sets a traditional village herbal hair mask and head massage is performed. To finish let your expert therapist take the last vestiges of tension away with a traditional Thai Pra Kob full body experience and signature Thai facial. A complete restorative treatment, you will feel absolutely recharged as you reacclimatize post-treatment sipping on herbal teas in our urban oasis.
All year round
Time of Day
morning, afternoon, evening
180 min
From THB 9500 /person
Price List
180 min
Adults (16+) THB 9,500

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