Sensei is bringing its expert guidance and wealth of wellbeing knowledge to the breathtaking shores of Four Seasons Anguilla from March 1–22, 2024. Framed by captivating island views, our Sensei pop-up at Four Seasons Anguilla will enrich your stay with intimate group fitness classes, expert led private wellness consults and insight-informed spa services. The residency invites a deeper connection with nature and self in a partnership that brings Anguilla guests the expert-informed, five-star experiences they have come to expect and appreciate.

March 1–22, 2024

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  • A well lit gym with cardio machines.
  • Outdoor patio living room with sofas, armchairs with white cushions, plunge pool, patio chairs and umbrellas, ocean

Sensei Offerings

Dive into group fitness, meditation and recovery classes specifically designed to improve your movement patterns, reach new depths of relaxation and connect with your surroundings.

  • Rotating Fitness Classes
      • Sensei Family Aqua Fit: Explore a family-friendly, low-impact aquatic fitness class as you maximize the water’s supportive environment to accelerate recovery, build strength and move freely without limitations. Connect with your breath, explore your mobility and use equipment in this interactive class that combines fun, fitness and family time. Participants must be ages 7 or over and be confident, independent swimmers. Children under age 15 must be accompanied by a parent. 60 minutes.
      • Sensei Circuit Training: Learn the fundamentals of strength training and how to safely increase resistance using weights to promote muscle growth, endurance and overall strength. This class uses traditional resistance training methodology to develop muscular fitness by exercising a specific muscle or muscle group against external resistance, including free weights and your own body weight. 60 minutes.
      • Sensei Core Strength: This class invites you to rethink how you strengthen your core and emphasizes the importance of having a stable foundation. Connect with your core, the region between your shoulders and hips, and challenge your centre by training in a variety of different planes of motion. In this class, discover how to efficiently transfer energy through your torso, as well as enhance your internal alignment through resistance training principles that help reset your pelvic floor and address asymmetrical imbalances. 60 minutes.
      • Sensei Functional Fascia: Invite a greater sense of ease into your body through breathing, relaxation and self-massage. Experience guided foam rolling with a variety of tools and techniques to explore the body from head to toe in a safe and supportive environment to mobilize tissue, enhance somatic awareness and explore modalities of recovery for the whole body. 60 minutes.
  • Rotating Meditation Classes
      • Sensei Sound Journey Description: Embrace the beautiful and harmonious sounds of resonant gongs, wave drums and singing bowls in our immersive Sound Journey Class. You’ll be guided through different realms of sound healing modalities, allowing your mind and body to reach unparalleled depths of relaxation. A serene ambiance instills your inner calm as you lie comfortably ensconced by gentle notes and vibrations that put your mind at ease. Please note, some individuals may experience sensitivity to the intensity of the sounds and vibrations. 60 minutes: USD 75 per person.
      • Sensei Sensory Walking Meditation Description: Explore how slowing down and being present can help you arrive at a sense of peace and joy in each and every moment. Harmonize body and mind and connect with earth and sky, as you discover the delights of Half Shell Beach, following prompts from a meditation practitioner. 30 minutes.
      • Sensei Open Sky Meditation Description: Immerse yourself in this guided meditation that aims to help you tap into the expanse of the Caribbean sky and connect with the serenity of our tropical beach surroundings. 30 minutes.

Meet privately with our skilled wellness practitioners and Sensei Guides who have advanced degrees in exercise physiology and mindset coaching to help you achieve your fitness, mindfulness and sleep goals.

      • Sensei Fitness One on One: This tailor-made workout examines your movement patterns and overall mind-body connection. Your practitioner will reveal techniques for improved strength, flexibility, endurance and movement competency. 60 minutes: USD 250 per person.
      • Sensei Aqua Fit One on One: Dive into a low-impact aquatic fitness class as you maximize the water’s supportive environment. Discover aquatic techniques to build strength, raise your heart rate and connect with your body and breath. To finish, we will explore your mobility as we move fluidly to accelerate recovery. This private session combines fun and fitness while highlighting the benefits of moving through water by eliminating stress on the joints and engaging in full-body exercise. 60 minutes: USD 275 per person.
    • Sensei Mindset One on One with Biomarkers: Learn about the science of heart rate variability (HRV) and how to measure and influence your personal HRV through focused breathwork and guided imagery. Using a biofeedback device, we’ll measure your HRV throughout the session to reveal how your thoughts and emotional state have a direct impact on your heart rhythm, respiration and autonomic nervous system. Leave this session armed with techniques to better self-regulate emotions and become more present minded in your everyday life. 75 minutes: USD 275 per person.
    • Sensei Meditation One on One: Enjoy a guided meditation designed around the challenges and opportunities you face personally, professionally and everywhere in between. This private session helps you build the knowledge and confidence you need to incorporate meditation into your daily life. 60 minutes: USD 250 per person.
    • Sensei Sleep One on One: Consult with a Sensei Guide to analyze the variables that are impacting your sleep using information from your personal life and data from your wearable to inform the discussion. Through this process, you’ll be equipped with evidence-based strategies to reclaim restorative sleep. 60 minutes: USD 250 per person.




Indulge in expert bodywork amid a gentle island breeze.

    • Sensei Aquatic Reflexology: Aquatic Reflexology is a restful form of aquatic bodywork supported by a trained practitioner. While floating effortlessly in the warm waters of your outdoor private residence pool, elements of reflexology, joint mobilization and stretching are applied to allow your body to relax in ways unfamiliar to you on land. In this safe, therapeutic space, you may find you are able to let go and drift into a deeper state both physically and mentally. 60 minutes: USD 400.
    • Sensei Thermal Body Mapping and Massage: Your practitioner will use exclusive Sensei-developed thermographic technology to create a visual map of your body, revealing asymmetries, muscle tightness and possible areas of pain. Equipped with this insightful data, your practitioner will provide a custom massage that targets overactive tissues and improves circulation around the areas of tension. 90 minutes: USD 485.
    • Sensei Sports Massage (Active Recovery Massage): Experience a blend of invigorating and restorative massage techniques in this curated treatment designed for active individuals. Led by one of Sensei’s highly trained massage practitioners, a functional assessment is performed to understand your body’s mechanics and identify your specific areas of tension. Your treatment begins with a dry scalp massage to stimulate circulation and relieve stress, followed by percussive technology and gentle, nourishing stretches to ease muscle stiffness and help prepare your body for deeper sports therapy massage. As you continue to unwind, slow rhythmic massage strokes increase in pressure to melt away muscle tension, relieve soreness and restore balance. 90 minutes: USD 485. 120 minutes: USD 585.


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