Four Seasons Resort Hualalai is home to the annual Chef Fest – a gathering of the finest chefs and foodies for some inspired cuisine.

Imagine sitting on a beach in the paradise of Hawaii Island’s Hualalai, sipping on a handcrafted cocktail and savouring a fresh, inspired meal made by one of America’s greatest chefs. Come October 4 through 8, you could be experiencing just that at Chef Fest 2017, the fourth-annual gathering of foodies and vintners from around the globe and celebration of fine cuisine. Of all the things you need to know about this stop on the Four Seasons Food and Wine Series before attending, here are some of our favourites.

1. Chef Fest is a celebration about more than just food.

While Fest fare is, of course, essential, Chef Fest offers much more to explore. From stand-up paddle boarding and outrigger canoeing with the chefs to afterparties stretching into the early morning, this year’s annual event is sure not to disappoint if you’re craving more than fine food and drink.

2. Chef Fest is also about spirits.

Master Sommeliers and mixologists will be ready and willing to pair your fare with only the best wines and cocktails. Our wine partner will be announced soon.

3. Some of America’s greatest chefs will be in attendance.

Award-winning chefs travel from around the country to attend Chef Fest. As cookbook authors, restaurateurs and TV show talent, these chefs come armed with expert culinary tales to share with event participants. The 2017 line-up will be announced soon. Check back!

4. The events are intimate and interactive.

Learn to cook professionally through interactive cooking classes in an intimate setting. As 2015 guest Dorothy Elchoness said, “Chef Fest is like a weekend away with fabulous friends (some of whom are the top chefs in the country.) The level of intimacy and interaction is what makes it so special.”

5. Local farmers and winemakers participate as partners.

Most ingredients and drinks at Chef Fest come from local earth. All the participating farmers hail from Hawaii Island, and the food comes farm-to-table within 75 miles of Hualalai.

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6. Foodies and wine enthusiasts come from around the world.

What foodie would miss the global interactive chef festival of the year? As guest Pam Krug says, “It's a rare chance to meet great chefs, great vintners and foodies from near and far.” Chef Fest is the premier event for networking with the culinary community and meeting those with similar tastes and interests.

7. The best value is the Taste of Chef Fest package.

If you’re looking for a bargain, Chef Fest has that too. Please check back for the package to be announced soon.

8. Chef Fest showcases varied cuisine.

From Chef Mullen’s inventive Spanish dishes to Chef Falsini’s Italian take, the cooks at Chef Fest will teach diverse techniques to attending aspiring chefs.

9. Two words: Beach. Cookout.

Guest Pam Krug said it best when it came to her favourite Chef Fest event: “While we enjoyed every Chef Fest event we attended, we most enjoyed the Beach Cookout. It's right on [the] beach with chefs grilling as the water crashes alongside. Toes in the sand, live music and amazing food and drink – a perfect night.”

10. Maybe the best thing about Chef Fest is that it’s at beautiful Hualalai.

Hawaii Island is home to some of the most gorgeous beaches and relaxing locales, all just a few minutes from Four Seasons Resort Hualalai. The tropical island getaway is a perfect backdrop to Chef Fest’s bounty of food, drink and fun.

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